About BCC

Founded in 2003  by  Pastors Stephen & Sharon Mason, we have always sought to demonstrate the love of God within the church and wider community and to give God the honour he deserves. Burnham Community Church Is a non-denominational church currently meeting at St John Ambulance Hall in Highbridge. We are affiliated with Life Link International which is under the direction of Alan Scotland. (more information on Life Link International can be found here

Our meetings are family friendly, lively and in a contemporary style,  following the leading of the Holy Spirit, which means there's no set formula for our Sunday morning meeting, however generally we have worship followed by teaching. Sharing prophecies, speaking in tongues and the use of spiritual gifts are encouraged and used frequently. 

We believe that being a Christian is about more than going to church on a Sunday, and as such we encourage people to really live a life according to the ways of the Bible. This is encouraged through discipleship, prayer groups and other small group based teaching, church members are also encouraged to take part in outreach and to use their skills and talents to serve God and to reach the community. We are committed to raising up workers and leaders through accountability and mentoring. eThere are many opportunities to grow in you talents including within the worship team, Splendour, Oasis Cafe within the planning team and many other areas, so whatever your strengths there will be opportunities for you to serve and grow.

Being a part of our church is like being a part of an extended family, encouraging one another and making lasting friendships is an integral part of life at Burnham Community Church. Old and young alike will find a warm welcome and friends ready for the making.

There is always space for new friends within our fellowship and we would welcome you gladly should you wish to join us.