Relationship Courses

Building strong foundations in a relationships are extremely important, we believe that if you start well, with good guidelines and methods of relating to and working with one another you can build a partnership that will last. So whether you've just started dating, are engaged of have been married years, we're confident that our relationship courses can help you stand the test of time together.

What we offer: Currently we are running the following courses

The Marriage Preperation Course

Developed my Nicky and Sila Lee, this is a five session course, fun and informative there are practical talks which lead you in discusiion as you delve deep into the issues that can arise within a relationship. 

Most couples spend up to 250 hours planning their wedding byt very little time, if any, planning for married life. There are many things you can do to begin building a lifelong, happy marriage. Investing in your relationship before you are married will reap rewards for many years to come.

Any couple can attend a marriage preperation course, we run these with each individual couple, so they are private and in a safe setting. The course is based on Christian principles, and each session is based on these, but we welcome those of all beliefs to do the course.


The Marriage Course

Aimed at those already married, this is a seven session course, led in an informal environment with each individual couple.

The course looks at a range of subjects including communication, initmacy, demonstrating love,  dealing with conflict and the impact of family. It's aim is to give your relationship a health check, to see if anything needs working on and help you become even stronger as a couple.

This course is based on Christian principles and beliefs, but will benefit those of any belief and all are welcome to do the course.


For more information or to book to do the course please contact us